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Want to resolve a dispute with the help of a neutral third party? Get in touch with a mediation lawyer for assistance. Scot Courtney is a certified mediator in the San Marcos, TX area that can assist you with various matters. He will help all parties resolve the dispute by promoting effective communication. If you need a mediating attorney, give him a call today. He will guide you through the process and ensure the resolution found is written out for all parties to sign. Call now!

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How Can a Mediating Attorney Help?

A mediator helps parties come to an agreement during a dispute. The mediator’s job is to help facilitate communication since it may be difficult for disagreeing parties to find a resolution independently. The mediator will not provide legal advice or tell the parties what is right/wrong; they will simply act as a neutral aid for discussions. Mediation costs less than a lawsuit, is faster than court cases, and is confidential. If you are interested in mediation services, get in touch with the office today. 

Mediation is available for a wide range of cases, primarily non-criminal. Individuals typically seek out a mediator lawyer when dealing with divorce, child custody, landlord-tenant issues, etc. In some instances, a mediator can assist with criminal cases. These cases include situations such as verbal harassment. If you would like to know if a mediator can assist with your unique situation, give The Law Offices of Scot Courtney a call today to schedule a consultation. 

Learn More About the Mediation Process Today

Mediation is usually an informal process for parties to find a resolution on their own. The mediation lawyer will act as the messenger to communicate offers, questions, and demands. Learn more about the process by reaching out to a mediator lawyer in the area. Contact Scot Courtney today to get mediation services near San Marcos, TX. 

He also offers services in:

  • Hays County, TX
  • Comal County, TX
  • Caldwell County, TX
  • Guadalupe County, TX
  • Austin, TX
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Consult with a Qualified Domestic Violence Lawyer and Get the Guidance You Need Today

Scot believes in the value of communication. As such, his domestic violence law firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows him to provide legal advice the moment you need it. He can act as a domestic violence attorney in the following areas: 

  • Hays County, TX 
  • Comal County, TX 
  • Caldwell County, TX 
  • Guadalupe County, TX 
  • Austin, TX 
  • San Marcos, TX 

Domestic violence charges can come with serious consequences. However, with the assistance of a domestic violence attorney, you can get a better outcome. Consider calling Scot today for your free consultation. 

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    Scot Courtney Scot Courtney is the MOST courteous, professional, responsive attorney I have ever dealt with. He is prompt and provides excellent... read more

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    Trustworthy, Prompt and Knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Scot R. Courtney. Mr. Courtney ensured that I was aware of every option I had as a client and also went the extra... read more

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