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Domestic violence is a serious charge. These accusations can lead to a number of consequences, including heavy fines, jail time, and the inability to visit your child. If you find yourself facing these charges, you need to find a domestic violence lawyer you can trust. Scot Courtney is a domestic violence attorney who has been serving San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding areas for 25 years. His law firm is equipped to tackle the difficult challenges presented by a domestic violence case. Facing false allegations of domestic violence demands assistance from a skilled and seasoned attorney who is willing and able to fight and uphold a fundamental underlying principle of our legal system such as the presumption of innocence. If you have been wrongfully accused, then Scot Courtney can handle the case without being deterred by its difficulties. Attorney Courtney can even fight to get your record cleared and help you throughout the process of expunction thanks to his extensive experience as an expungement lawyer.     

Call today to speak to a domestic violence attorney and learn more. Scot’s office is open for 24 hours a day, and as such he can respond to any inquiries quickly.

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Protect Your Reputation, Your Freedom, and Your Future

Domestic violence often falls under one of three categories. The first, domestic assault, involves intentionally harming or threatening another individual with whom they share a familial relationship (whether that be as a child, spouse, or romantic partner). Aggravated domestic assault is similar, though it involves more serious injuries or the use of a deadly weapon. The final category is continuous violence, where, as the name implies, an individual continuously does harm to their family. All charges can greatly benefit from the assistance of a domestic violence attorney or law firm.

Domestic violence crimes can fall anywhere from a Class A misdemeanor to a first-degree felony. As such, the penalties vary, ranging from maximum fines between $4000—$10,000 and maximum jail time between 1—99 years. There are additional consequences you may face, however. The most notable are the inability to visit your children, the loss of certain licenses, and the ability to seek employment at certain places. Because of these penalties, it becomes incredibly important to try and find assistance from a domestic violence lawyer.

One thing your domestic violence attorney might suggest is deferred adjudication. This means that you plead guilty, but the court holds off on giving a sentence. Instead, they will make a list of demands that you need to complete. Should you meet those demands—and don’t get into any other legal trouble during that time frame—the court will dismiss the case without sentencing. Choosing this option, however, shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should always be discussed with a domestic violence lawyer beforehand.

Scot Courtney Can Effectively Assist You To Get Domestic Violence Charges Expunged

Domestic violence attorney Scot Courtney dedicates himself to providing fair and honest service. He knows how difficult it is to face a trial where everything seems to be stacked against you. As such, he takes an empathetic, but aggressive approach to providing your defense. As your domestic violence attorney, he is ready to help you throughout your trial. When you are found to be not guilty, Scot can help you get the charges removed from your record. His goal is to have these false allegations expelled from your life so that you can continue living freely and in dignity, without the allegations haunting you as it so often occurs with people who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence. An experienced expungement lawyer can assist you with this process through several venues, such as being found not guilty or if the case is dismissed. To have this permanently removed from your record, trust the advice and representation that an experienced expungement attorney can provide, and consider calling the Law Offices of Scot Courtney.

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Consult with a Qualified Domestic Violence Lawyer and Get the Guidance You Need Today

Scot believes in the value of communication. As such, his domestic violence law firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows him to provide legal advice the moment you need it. He can act as a domestic violence attorney in the following areas: 

  • Hays County, TX 
  • Comal County, TX 
  • Caldwell County, TX 
  • Guadalupe County, TX 
  • Austin, TX 
  • San Marcos, TX 

Domestic violence charges can come with serious consequences. However, with the assistance of a domestic violence attorney, you can get a better outcome. Consider calling Scot today for your free consultation. 

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