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Some drivers tend to believe they don’t need a lawyer when facing DWI or DUI charges. However, that’s actually far from the truth. Receiving a DWI conviction can result in license suspension, fines, and even jail time. Additionally, it can result in even more serious consequences should you receive a second or third charge. Getting an experienced DUI lawyer like Scot Courtney is vital in preventing yourself from being put in these situations. If you’re in the San Marcos, TX area, then please consider calling for a free consultation.

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The Right DWI Attorney will Help You Keep Your License and Fight Your Charge in Court

It can be nerve-wracking when you’re facing DWI charges. However, it’s important to try and keep a level head. You are allowed to refuse a breathalyzer test, though it’s important to weigh the costs against the benefits (a breathalyzer test can offer evidence against you but refusing the test can result in a longer license suspension). Additionally, you are not required to take any field sobriety tests. If you are arrested or receive a notice of suspension, it’s important to contact a DWI or DUI lawyer quickly. You only have 15 days after the initial arrest or notice to request a hearing. Should you fail to do so, then your license will automatically be suspended, and you may receive other penalties.

Once you’ve contacted a DWI attorney, they’ll be able to examine the facts of the situation and determine how best to approach a defense. There are a number of different possible defenses for a DWI. These include things such as an improper stop or improper field testing. Your lawyer will likely advise you on what the hearing will entail, as well as what to say and do to prepare for your hearing. With an experienced DWI or DUI lawyer, however, you can hope to get a positive outcome for your case and avoid the penalties involved.

It should be noted that minors will likely face different consequences under Texas law. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy in regard to minors driving under the influence; any amount of alcohol in their system can lead to an arrest.

A DWI Conviction can Have Long-Lasting and Life-Altering Consequences; It’s Critical to Partner with a Qualified DWI Attorney

A DWI conviction can lead to increased insurance rates, steep fines, and a license suspension, all of which can severely impact your life. Additionally, second and third convictions are considered a Class A misdemeanor and 3rd-degree felony, respectively. That’s not to mention the surcharge you’ll have to pay each year to use your license.

As an experienced DUI lawyer, Scot Courtney can help devise a defense that’s perfect for your case. A DWI can happen at any time, and timely service is key; as such, Scot makes sure his office is open 24/7. He provides honest, open communication with his clients in order to make sure they’re as prepared as possible.

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Scot Courtney is a DUI lawyer who has your best interests at heart. He can help if you’re searching for representation in any of the following areas: 

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  • San Marcos, TX 

For aggressive, effective representation and a DWI attorney who is honest and easy to reach, work with Scot Courtney. Give him a call for a free consultation. Protect yourself from DWI charges today.

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