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Whether you are a minor or a worried parent, facing juvenile charges can be a frightening prospect. The juvenile court system is different than the adult system, and, while that may allow for less serious penalties, it can still be confusing to go up against the court. By hiring a juvenile criminal defense lawyer, however, you can help protect yourself or your child. So, consider calling juvenile defense attorney Scot Courtney. Scot is an experienced lawyer who has been serving the San Marcos, TX area for more than two decades. His relative experience and skill allow him to better serve his clients. If you would like to know more, then please consider calling for a free consultation.

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Juvenile Charges Can be Life-Altering; Make Sure Your Child’s Rights Are Protected

Juvenile trials can be confusing, even to many individuals who are familiar with the court procedures. Fortunately, a juvenile criminal defense lawyer like Scot Courtney understands what it takes to successfully create a case on behalf of a minor and guide them through the legal system. He can provide both valuable support and excellent legal advice to help.

The differences between juvenile and adult courts exist because of their different philosophies on handling crime. Adult courts typically aim to punish individuals and protect the safety of the public; in contrast, juvenile court aims to help correct behaviors to give juvenile offenders a second chance. This is why juvenile records are often sealed. That said, it’s still beneficial to retain a juvenile defense attorney, as the trial process can often lead to a lot of unnecessary stress.

If a minor is facing charges for the first time, they may have the opportunity to go through a first offender program. This can allow minors to complete certain tasks—such as community service—to avoid the court system. Otherwise, minors will be sent to a detention hearing first. Here, a judge will determine whether the minor should be released to their parents. If they decide to continue detaining the minor, then they will go to an adjudication hearing (or, if the crime is severe enough, they will go to a transfer hearing to determine if they should be tried in adult court). In an adjudication hearing, a juvenile attorney will advocate on behalf of the minor to help alleviate the charges.

Scot Courtney is a Compassionate Juvenile Defense Lawyer with a Track Record for Success

A minor may face several different penalties should they be adjudicated. These include probation, detention, treatment programs, and community service. The length of the sentence depends on the severity of the crime. Though juvenile court is designed to help minors rectify bad behavior, it can still often seriously disrupt their lives and cause lasting problems. That’s why it’s often so important to find a juvenile attorney for assistance.

Scot Courtney is available to help if you’re in the San Marcos area. With 25 years of experience behind him, he’s able to provide you or your child with excellent service. Call to receive your free consultation today.

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